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Creativity is an innate quality that can be trained like any other skill

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We believe that…

  • Creativity isn’t just the domain for artists
  • Creativity is a set of skills, dispositions and capacities that can be developed : learning to be creative is akin to learning a sport
  • We are naturally creative and as we grow up we learn to be uncreative
  • Creativity allows us to continue to grow and develop as a society - promoving creativity in the world would be a catalyst for social change
  • We are committed to…

  • Help people discovering who they truly are and unlock their potential

Human Driven Artificial Intelligence

mēkā converts big data into useful data. We use Machine Learning Algorithms to create comparison statistic models based on the inputs of the most creative profiles in their specific domains.

Creative Personality Radar

Discover what makes an applicant unique. Psychometrics & big data objectively assess creative potentials.

Hiring campaigns

mēkā will provide personalized content & hints to run your hiring campaigns

“Creativity and problem-solving are becoming the key to success in the new market world”

Tacy Trowbridge (@tacytrow)
Lead for world wide education team at Adobe

Hiring managers agree


Creativity is becoming an essential skill for employment in any type of business


Creativity is key when evaluating candidates


Business Development & Sales are functions that benefit most from creative skills


Creativity is important to success

source : Adobe Creative Candidate Study

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